Why we should not use the Public WiFi?

Why we should not use the Public Wi-Fi?

Why Hackers Love public Wi-Fi..?? 

We usually see a lot of free Wi-Fi Providing us a High-speed Internet access and are easy to connect. But we are unaware of the back-side work process of a free Wi-Fi.

Do Public Wi-Fi have a strong encryption?

Why our bank website warns us while logging through a public Wi-Fi?
It is simply because public Wi-Fi encryption is not strong enough to stop hackers to have a good look on your data. For a network to be secure needs a good encryption which cost some couple of bugs and nobody have such a good heart to pay your checks for free while you use their services. There are some reports where public use the free Wi-Fi to login through here personal bank accounts or social media accounts where their credentials got sacrificed.
So, in short public Wi-Fi are not the secure way to access the world of internet.

Public Wi-Fi can infect your device from a malware

Did you ever connected your phone to a public Wi-Fi..?? If yes, then your device may be infected with a malware. because public Wi-Fi is the most wonderful place for a hacker to install his malware and malware can be from a spyware to a ransomware. There was a recent report in which a public Wi-Fi was infected with a worm named Mirai making everyone else infected who connects to the Wi-Fi.

Men in The Middle Attack 

MITM is one of the most famous hacking attacks where a hacker intercept the connection between device and the network and monitor all the incoming and outgoing data and the public Wi-Fi is the best example because what else can be more easy than interrupting the unencrypted network with the most useful data like login credentials. By MITM a hacker can also install a spyware or can also take the Remote Code Execution of your device.


So how can you protect yourself while using a Public Wi-Fi?

So not everything is bad there are some good ways by which you can access through public Wi-fi without getting robbed. VPN (virtual private network) can help you to connect a Public Wi-Fi with a full end to end encryption so while you are connected with an unencrypted Wi-Fi your data will still be encrypted by your VPN but please select your VPN wisely because VPNs can be dangerous too if you didn’t select the right one

conclusion- public Wi-Fi are not the secure way to access Internet so enjoy your coffee at the cafe
Pease answer my curiosity- who is more stupid Humans or AIs?

2 thoughts on “Why we should not use the Public WiFi?”

  1. But VPN are costly to use and most of them are taking are logs. I don't think so VPN is a right way to connect to internet

  2. See in the blog I'm not suggesting any VPN because I know the VPN services as well.. but VPN is the secure way to connect to internet because it provide an end to end encryption. You can make your own VPN by Raspberry Pi and can use it. By VPN I didn't meant any application. Making and using your own VPN is good and it is free to make it..

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