Social Media in e-Governance

Social Media in e-Governance

•Social Media

•Online Network

•Facebook, LinkedIn etc

•Online Publication

•Youtube, Twitter etc

•Online Collaborative Platform

Wiki, Blogger etc

•Online Feedback System

•Polls, Vlogs etc


  UN e-governance survey 2012, 48% that is 78 member states provide “either follow us on facebook / twitter” statement on their government website.  So the government Official actively use social media to communicate with the citizens.

 Advantages of Using Social Media in e-Governance 

·         Collaboratiion
·         Participation
·         Empowerment
·         Time
Social can Expand the Usage of Internet to realise the full benefits of e-governance by Promoting services, Announcement, Job advertisements,  Market events, Seeking public feedbacks.
Risks in the Use of Social Media for e-Governance
·         Web 2.0 technology that are constantly changing and involve risks…..
  • Ø  Behaviour
  • Ø  Economic Configuration
  • Ø  Regulation
  • Ø  Technology

·         Most common risk related to behaviour of user during interaction on the web are…….
  • Ø  Reputation
  • Ø  Privacy
  • Ø  Publication of Personal Data
  • Ø  Illegal Content

·         Kashmir was directly influence by the use of social networking.
Social Media Policy and Guidelines for e-Governance
·         Important things to keep in mind while interacting with audience .
  • Ø  E-Participation of both side
  • Ø  Shape Online Debate
  • Ø  Empower Citizen
  • Ø  Demand Democracy

Essential Core Elements of a Social Media Policy
·        Social Media Policy Element
  • Ø  Employee Access
  • Ø  Account Management
  • Ø  Acceptable Use
  • Ø  Employee Conduct
  • Ø  Content
  • Ø  Security
  • Ø  Legal Issues
  • Ø  Citizen Conduct

Indian Government Framework & Guidelines for Use of Social Media in e-Governance
·         Indian Government framework for Social Media
  • Ø  Objective Definition
  • Ø  Platform Identification
  • Ø  Government Establishment
  • Ø  Communication Strategy
  • Ø  Pilot Creation
  • Ø  Engagement Analysis
  • Ø  Institutionalization

Limitations of Indian Government Guidelines for the Use of Social Media in e-Governance
·         IT Act
·         ITI Act
·         IT Act amendment 2008
·         24*7 Engagement
Recommendations for Improvement

·        Web 2.0 (W205WG) responsible for introduction of guidelines to achieve Confidentially, Integrity, Availability of Information and Data
·        The work account must be only use for the office work and to remain a property of the agency
·        To avoid inconsistency between content of social media and other electronic pages


·         Advantages of Social Media
  • Ø  Collaboration
  • Ø  Participation
  • Ø  Empowerment
  • Ø  Promotion of E-government
  • Ø  Increase Transparency

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