Dark Web: Good or Evil?

As I was going through some web pages which are talking about the evilness of the dark web, I got an idea to share my side of the story of accessing the Dark Side of the Internet known as the Dark web.

As an IT guy to get updates we usually hand out on the dark web which many people consider as a crime but let me remind you that accessing any part of the internet is not illegal until and unless you involve yourself in some malicious activities.

Recently Dark web got its hike because of the latest cyber-attacks done by a group of unethical hackers from the dark web. So, let’s discuss what is Dark web is real and are Evil?

As a normal IT guy states that dark web is the hidden part of the Internet that is not accessible or index by the normal search engine.

For accessing the Dark web, you need an open-source software known as TOR (The Onion Routing). It enabling anonymous communication by directing Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to conceal a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. You can also use TAILs, a Linux-based operating system specially designed to access Dark Web.

And only TOR is not enough to protect you, you will also need VPN (Virtual Private Network) to stay anonymous.

So, after the whole step-up we started our unforgettable journey.

So, what is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a place that got its name by illegal activities going on it. It is not accessible by a normal browser so it is hidden by normal users. The web pages are covered by the layers of encryption to hide its identity so that they can perform illegal activities which involve selling Drugs, Child abuse, Rape videos, illegal weapons, human trafficking, Fake government IDs, stolen credit cards, unexplained Intelligence, or alien files. And many unforgettable kinds of stuff.

Having these vast varieties of content build the dark web so enormous.

My first reaction after watching all this was WTF! Is this real, and the answers I got were enough to justify everything.

 The dark web has some common stores for selling drugs and other pieces of stuff but something evil on the dark web is Red Rooms.

Evil Rooms

So, a lot of us must have heard but red rooms but are they real? I never encountered any red room while surfing on the dark web, but in one of my interventions of cybercrime case, we got to know deeply about this. So, they are some private rooms that telecast live murders and human torture to their members. The members pay to watch this and can also choose new methods of torturing. There are some other categories which help you in cooking human bodies or even worse things. But the platform or the URL is highly encrypted and can’t be accessed by normal users.

So, why not the government just shut down the dark web?

The fun part of the whole story is the government is funding the Dark web and the concept of the dark web was practiced by the government and intelligence agents.

A few years back when the Internet was introduced to the normal user’s government and intelligence services want to build an untraceable and highly secured network that can only be accessed by the users who have the specific encrypted network. Thus, they introduce the concept of TOR which we earlier discussed in the topic. They want to use this network to share information and data with the members which are working across the country. But it turns out to be a disaster, as it was gone in the wrong hands. The government tried to shut down the program but it spread like bush fire.

So dark web does not rely on some servers in the room in a highly secured private building, rather than it is operating itself from a more dangerous location, it’s your computer. Many computer users are used as Bots to run websites on the dark web and they still don’t know that they are used as a resource in some cybercrime going in the whole new world.

So, is the Dark web Evil?

I mostly disagree with that because if we cut out the illegal part of the dark web it helps us to get updates on the latest techniques used by hackers to exploit any network. It also supports many journalists or investigators to collect evidence or share their information or data among others across the world.

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