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Why to Opt Us ?

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    Trust and Integrity

    We provide consultancy to various law enforcement agencies including intelligence agencies of India.

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    Best practice

    Our team constantly research to update our methodology with the pace of dynamic cyber world

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    Comprehensive Coverage

    we adopt strategies and techniques that help to identify blind spots or loop holes in cyber environment.

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    Proactive Team

    Our highly dedicated, skilled and expert team offer services and Cyber Crime consultancy to encase the digital sphere with secure cyberspace.

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    Information Integrity

    Integration helps us to bring the right attention to your information security needs. We identify threats and align our expertise to secure your information.

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    We provide transparent result to our clients to get the genuine interaction.

IoT Attacks and Security

In the digitalized world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is offering extended business value and profits to organizations and individuals worldwide. The new insight provided by IoT allows for an efficient generation and exchange of data. But optimal benefits can be entertained only when the connected devices are trustworthy. Further, it is also important to ensure that the generated data is accessible to only authorised devices and individuals.

At Lazy Hackers, we innovate and develop security solutions to maintain the integrity of information data, confidentiality of data, and ensure that IoT infrastructure is free from security flaws. Lazy Hackers is a leading digital security company which is well-known for its cutting-edge services to secure your connected devices. We assist you from designing and development stage to safeguarding data from malicious attackers throughout. Whether you wish to generate a new IoT product or amend an IoT solution, our team of experienced and proficient experts will aid you in detecting flaws and vulnerabilities and recommend solutions to alleviate security threats throughout the IoT system.

"As an organization, we always look forward to including youngsters in the team due to their spirit and curiosity to learn. Cyber Security is not a butter cakewalk,so as a team we always look out to courageous people who have never-ending spirit and can work on heavy pressure."
Prajjwal Srivastava Founder of Lazy Hackers

Why to opt us

  • Our Comprehensive Solution Will Analyse The Entire IoT Infrastructure And Aid You In Identifying And Eliminating The Most Complex And Critical Security Issues Along With Providing A Report Of The System’s Security Status
  • We Assist You From The Very Primary Stage Of Designing Hardware To Complement The Software Security Architecture
  • We Conduct In-Depth Analysis Of Each Segment Of The IoT Technology To Discover Potential Threats And Impart Comprehensive Security To The System
  • Our Service Includes An Intense Examination Of External As Well As The Internal Architecture Of The Device To Determine The Attack-Prone Areas And Reconfiguration Of The Device’s Hardware To Avoid Significant Risk To The Critical Data


  • Provides security at the very initial design phase
  • Ensure authorised access by devices and individuals
  • Monitoring over the functionality of connected devices
  • Port security using antimalware and firewalls
  • Preventing IoT infrastructure against potential threats
  • Securing Sensitive data from stealing
  • Avoiding unnecessary financial loss
  • Short as well as long-term security benefits
  • Increase in ROI