IT Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

VAPT is a term often used to describe security testing that is designed to identify and help address cyber security vulnerabilities.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application VAPT is security testing methods for security holes or vulnerabilities in web applications and corporate websites.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Most beneficial way to avoid any security risk is to opt for Mobile Application VAPT that holds the power of providing us with a definite level of confidence.

Desktop Application VAPT

Desktop Application VAPT is essential for ensuring absolute information security. Its importance is just like that of other application’s penetration testing

Network Penetration Testing

The primary objective of a network penetration test is to recognize exploitable vulnerabilities in systems, networks, network devices (i.e., switches, routers)

Wireless Penetration Testing

Segmenting network, SSID controls, and VLAN routing should be perfectly clarified and set so that the users can safely connect to the network .

User Interface Audit

By conducting regular UI and UX design audits, we aim at optimizing your product’s lifespan as well as ROI.

Cyber Crime Consultancy

What if your information is breached? All your data and information is in wrong hands and misused? Cyber attack and unauthorized data access are threat..

Cloud Attack and Security

Owing to the increased flexibility and reduced IT cost, there has been a shift from web application data to cloud applications for storing sensitive data.

IoT Attacks and Security

In the digitalized world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is offering extended business value and profits to organizations and individuals worldwide.

Static Code Analysis

Via a comprehensive analysis of syntax, semantics, estimation and data flow, static code analysis identifies flaws that are not possible through manual testing.

Risk And Compliance Management

Risk and compliance management is a way of ensuring the protection of data, user privacy, and transparency in finance.

Vulnerability Patch Management

Patch management is a process of ensuring that your systems and applications are updated and installed with the latest versions of the operating system.