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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Needless to say, Mobile apps have become a vital part of our day-to-day life as the dependence of humans on Smartphones has substantially grown. However, plenty of users are still unaware of their devices’ security. Safety can often become the false perception in case we do not have any idea of how our apps were developed as well as penetration testing.

The most beneficial way to avoid any security risk is to opt for Mobile Application VAPT that holds the power of providing us with a definite level of confidence when it comes to security maintenance. According to various studies, more than 80% of mobile application users have the belief that their mobile finance and health apps are perfectly secure. Preliminary aim of conducting the Mobile App penetration test is to recognize all exploitable vulnerabilities in the app or network that can potentially get exploited by the hackers.

Downloading and then using malicious apps can showcase the potential risk to both yourself as well as your company as the untested apps might contain security bugs which can make the data vulnerable. Mobile Application VAPT will uncover several ways and access points in which the malicious hacker can compromise the application or database for gaining unauthorized access to the confidential data.

"As an organization, we always look forward to including youngsters in the team due to their spirit and curiosity to learn. Cyber Security is not a butter cakewalk,so as a team we always look out to courageous people who have never-ending spirit and can work on heavy pressure."
Prajjwal Srivastava Founder of Lazy Hackers

Process/Methodology of Mobile Application Penetration Testing


You can get information about an app by going through third-party libraries, search engines, or finding the leaked source code by developer forums, and social media etc. Having an understanding of the platform is a relevant aspect of app penetration testing. In terms of creating the threat model for an application, it gives you a better brief from an external point of view.


Mobile apps have a special way of analysis or assessment, and the testers should check an app pre as well as post-installation. It can be performed through static analysis without executing the app, on the decompiled or provided accompanying files and source code or dynamic analysis which takes place while an app is running on the device. You can also perform the Archive Analysis where app installation packages for the iOS and Android platform will be extracted as well as inspected for reviewing configuration files. Reverse engineering can also be attempted for converting compiled apps into human-readable source code.


For demonstrating real-world data violation, an appropriately executed exploitation can take place fast. This includes –

  1. The attempt of exploiting the vulnerability –

Acting upon discovered vulnerabilities for gaining sensitive information or performing malicious activities.

  1. Privilege Escalation

Demonstration of the identified vulnerability for gaining privileges and attempting to become the superuser.


Creating the detailed report about discovered vulnerabilities, such as overall risk rating, the associated technical risk, and description etc.

Why Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

In today’s world of consistently evolving technology, one can easily witness the dominance of mobile applications as this web app has created a diverse variety of attacks that were not important in the world of the classic web app.

In its most basic form, a Penetration test is considered as a method of assessing the computer system’s security by an attack’s simulation. Regarding the same, MAPT aims only on the evaluation of a mobile app’s security. Its procedure includes the application’s active analysis for any technical flaws, vulnerabilities, or weakness.

Why Lazy Hackers for Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

There is a reason why Lazy Hackers has been gaining immense popularity in the sector of Mobile Application VAPT as it always strives for absolute client satisfaction.


Choose its services and ensure maximum protection of your mobile app-


Via the advanced team of VAPT experts and VAPT tools, the company can easily recognize maximum safety flaws which are present in the application or network


It understands the relevance of the client’s information data for which Lazy Hackers help in identifying and eradicating the safety flaws


Also, the level of risk encountered by an application is calculated by the company


Lazy Hackers aims at each minor and major detail which is required to be improved for achieving the best Mobile Application Cybersecurity point of view.


The Mobile Application VAPT team of Lazy Hackers uses highly advanced technologies for testing mobile apps and analysing the application’s security stature. The company has committed environments for testing both Microsoft and Android, iOS applications. This type of dedicated environment permits the professionals to analyse and test the application in an optimal manner, on its real device/environment.


During the testing procedure, it also stimulates the multitude of attacks, both mobile dedicated attacks and general application attacks. The testing simulates the real hacker as well as what he can do for penetrating the app and retrieving confidential data. Unlike the other companies out there in the market, Lazy Hackers do not make any false promises and provides you with inexpensive services.


Standards for Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

In 2014, OWASP also began giving importance to Mobile Security. The mobile app developers must be familiar with the possible safety risks that the mobile application might encounter. In terms of OWASP mobile application security list, it is completely based on the data carefully collected from consultants and vendors over the period that is then analyzed as well as distilled to those 10 categories that consist most severe and common vulnerabilities in the industry.

Benefits for Web Application Penetration Testing?

According to various reports, over 70% of the attacks, in recent times, occur at an application level. As per several surveys conducted over the years, people are attacking through apps in the 21st century as it is easier than via network layer. Despite the common use of defenses like prevention systems or intrusion detection and firewalls, hackers are still able to pose major legal liability without even being detected or stopped. Although there are numerous advantages of Web Application VAPT, some of the major ones are –

  • It secures the sensitive data from getting stolen
  • One of the obvious benefits is that WAPT prevents your website from any potential threats
  • Not only it gives you short-term security benefits but also proves to be helpful in the future as well
  • Any unnecessary capital loss can easily be avoided with the help of
  • Once you start availing the services of WAPT, you will see a substantial surge in ROI.

Clients get benefitted from WAPT as it offers a complete analysis of the existing security posture and a suggestion for reducing the exposure to currently recognized vulnerabilities are also highlighted. Hence, the clients can make informed decisions and manage the exposure of dangers in a better manner.

OWASP Mobile TOP 10 2016 Vulnerabilities are –

  • M1 – Improper Platform Usage
  • M2 – Insecure Data Storage
  • M3 – Insecure Communication
  • M4 – Insecure Authentication
  • M5 – Insufficient Cryptography
  • M6 – Insecure Authorization
  • M7 – Client Code Quality
  • M8 – Code Tampering
  • M9 – Reverse Engineering
  • M10 – Extraneous Functionality

Benefits for Mobile Penetration Testing?

The Mobile Application Security Audit provides you with end-to-end services which include app mapping as well as reverse engineering for identifying technical vulnerabilities in the mobile applications.


Although there are numerous advantages of Mobile Application VAPT, some of the major ones are –


  • Protection of sensitive data against cybercriminals and malicious hackers
  • Safety and recovery of data if your device gets lost
  • Security of your confidential data from those malicious apps that focus on unauthorized access to the data
  • Reduces safety risks to the application data
  • Prevention of the monetary losses (say, ransom) and give confidence
  • Increased Return on Investment i.e.,
  • Not only you can save a lot of bucks, but your reputation in the market also stays intact


Clients get benefitted from MAPT as it offers a complete analysis of the existing security posture and a suggestion for reducing the exposure to currently recognized vulnerabilities are also highlighted. Hence, the clients can make informed decisions and manage the exposure of dangers in a better manner.


The benefits of increased ROI are to both the end-user who uses app and the mobile application development firm.