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6 Reasons

Why to Opt Us ?

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    Trust and Integrity

    We provide consultancy to various law enforcement agencies including intelligence agencies of India.

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    Best practice

    Our team constantly research to update our methodology with the pace of dynamic cyber world

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    Comprehensive Coverage

    we adopt strategies and techniques that help to identify blind spots or loop holes in cyber environment.

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    Proactive Team

    Our highly dedicated, skilled and expert team offer services and Cyber Crime consultancy to encase the digital sphere with secure cyberspace.

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    Information Integrity

    Integration helps us to bring the right attention to your information security needs. We identify threats and align our expertise to secure your information.

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    We provide transparent result to our clients to get the genuine interaction.

Risk Management

About Risk And Compliance Management


In the fast-changing business environment, the risk factors are emerging at a faster pace. There is a need for developing an advanced solution to manage and enhance risk and compliance activities. Risk and compliance management is a way of ensuring the protection of data, user privacy, and transparency in finance.

Lazy Hackers risk and compliance management solution aids in enhancing reliability and security as well as boost the efficiency of network or system. When it comes to changing standards and security trends, we ensure to analyze how they affect your network’s functionality and operation as well as challenge it will create. Subsequently, we develop a comprehensive security solution to ensure compliance and enhanced functionality and profits.

We compare your organization’s assets with new standards and innovate and implement amendments to enhance the existing infrastructure. We assist your organization in meeting the industry standards as well as keeping a step ahead of the competitor companies. With our collaborative approach, we believe in working closely with your organization to manage safety, cost efficiency, environmental risk, and compliance management.

"As an organization, we always look forward to including youngsters in the team due to their spirit and curiosity to learn. Cyber Security is not a butter cakewalk,so as a team we always look out to courageous people who have never-ending spirit and can work on heavy pressure."
Prajjwal Srivastava Founder of Lazy Hackers

Why to opt us

At Lazy Hackers, we assist you in

  • Developing An Innovative And Robust Risk Assessment Framework For Business-Specific Compliance
  • Maintaining An Infrastructure That Facilitates Transparency And Visibility Into Historical Risk And Compliance Data Across The Network
  • Deeply Analyzed And Calculative Approach Towards Risk Management
  • Integrating Dashboards, KPI Tracking, And Metrics
  • Ensuring Integrity, Confidentiality, And Protection Of The User’s Sensitive Information


  • Ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and protection of the user’s sensitive information
  • Provides calculated data of security budget and spend
  • Aids in building a roadmap to set standards, security and compliant operations
  • Integrate information security roadmap with other essential enterprise initiatives
  • Prioritize delivery on the basis of the company’s compliance directives, the scope of risk and monetary constraints
  • Updates knowledge on information security standards, policies and compliance directives across the IT sectors