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Why to Opt Us ?

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    Trust and Integrity

    We provide consultancy to various law enforcement agencies including intelligence agencies of India.

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    Best practice

    Our team constantly research to update our methodology with the pace of dynamic cyber world

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    Comprehensive Coverage

    we adopt strategies and techniques that help to identify blind spots or loop holes in cyber environment.

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    Proactive Team

    Our highly dedicated, skilled and expert team offer services and Cyber Crime consultancy to encase the digital sphere with secure cyberspace.

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    Information Integrity

    Integration helps us to bring the right attention to your information security needs. We identify threats and align our expertise to secure your information.

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    We provide transparent result to our clients to get the genuine interaction.

Vulnerability Patch Management

Hackers and attackers are constantly devising new ways of discovering vulnerabilities and exploiting them to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. Patch management is a process of ensuring that your systems and applications are updated and installed with the latest versions of the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), database and third-party applications. Since unpatched systems and applications are most prone to attacks, it is important to conduct a vulnerability patch of the system. Without the right execution of process and updates, an organization may drastically lag in critical patches addressing security and compliance needs.

At Lazy Hackers, we offer an efficient patch management solution which aims at eliminating the hassle of manually updating critical systems. Our patch management service ensures that your applications, systems, and database are installed with latest features, security, and functionality to protect them from ransomware and malware attacks. It further alleviates the risk of data breach or unauthorized access. Our security operation will detect the missing patches in your IT infrastructure, arrange them according to the risk factor and offer an efficient workflow to analyze, approve, plan and implement patches.

"As an organization, we always look forward to including youngsters in the team due to their spirit and curiosity to learn. Cyber Security is not a butter cakewalk,so as a team we always look out to courageous people who have never-ending spirit and can work on heavy pressure."
Prajjwal Srivastava Founder of Lazy Hackers

Why to opt us

At Lazy Hackers, we assist you in

  • Gathering Information On Software Versions And Vulnerabilities That Required Patching
  • Detecting Vulnerabilities And Prioritizing Updates According To The Risk Factors
  • Ensuring That Riskiest Patches Are Patched At First To Avoid Attacks
  • Saving Time And Money By Automating IT Updating Programs Along With Their Auditing And Troubleshooting
  • Managing Update Schedule In A Way To Avoid Interference With The System’s Productivity


  • Patch vulnerabilities before they can be exploited
  • Reduced system overload due to agentless patching
  • Ensures regular updates of system and application
  • Continuously monitor the status reports of system, application, and database
  • Immediate action against vulnerability
  • Wide ranging tools to scan the remotest sections of the system
  • Flexibility in patching schedule to reduce corporate risk
  • Reduces excess expenditure of time and money.