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We Secure Your Digital World

About The Company

LAZY HACKERS is a cyber security and ethical hacking community. We strive to teach all who are willing to learn and help those who are willing to help themselves. If you are interested in hacking, cyber security or programming or are simply looking for a place to collaborate with like-minded people, then give lazyhackers the chance to be your new home. We are a growing community and We welcome all hats as we are a place of education and growth.

Our expertise and insights, developed through serving high-tech companies and large-enterprise IT users, give us a rich understanding of the dynamic nature of the technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact. 

Our Team

Each team member is conversant with his domain. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of providing you with the best cyber secured environment.

Prajjwal Srivastava


Animesh Srivastava


Now LAZY HACKERS divided into two different parts.


An open source community, to create awareness and share knowledge about cyber security, cyber-attacks, techniques, tools on Instagram. Everything on this community will be free of cost and main thing about this community is that is focused only on Cyber Security. LAZY HACKERS STRICTLY DOES NOT PROMOTE ILLEGAL HACKING ACTIVITIES AND IT IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY. 

The purpose of the company is to provide security services to protect companies from cyber-attacks, provide training’s to colleges and universities. It’ll be paid service because its the only source to Pay our Servers, Teams, Developers

In India there are very smaller number of organizations and Conferences like Nullcon, c0c0n, SECARMY etc., to spread awareness about Cyber security but United States and other countries have too many communities that organize Conferences, CTFs, Meetups, Services and spread awareness! Our goal is to make cyber security available for all.

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